Marla Johst Anderson

 Actress and Writer


Marla Johst Anderson, born in Cologne Germany, started out with a Masters in Sports Science with a double major in Outdoor Sports and Physical Theatre/Acting and Dance.

After finishing University Marla traveled around the world learning about different countries and cultures. She worked as a sailing instructor in New Zealand and Australia and furthered her acting career in Sydney through theater productions. Marla was in a feature film called “Worlds Apart” in the role of Maria, a powerful scientist, ready to save the world.

Marla starred in her first lead role in the US as Susan Slater  in "Becky Shaw"  and during that time finished her acting degree at Herbert Berghof Institute in New York City, in the Hagen Core Program.  

Marla is currently living in Los Angeles California and pursuing feature films in Hollywood and got cast as a support act in the psychological thriller "Broken Bridge" which will be released in Summer 2019. 

She also writes together with her friend and writing/acting partner Erin Jo Harris on their developed show.

Her experiences and worldwide journey were featured in the Lonely Planet for Bali and Indonesia (2010). Another article Marla wrote was featured in “Itchy Feet” magazine (No. 6, 2009). Her first novel “Weltkind” can be found as an Ebook at various online platforms like Amazon, for example: .